10 Things You Must Consider Before Studying Abroad.

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10 Things You Must Consider Before Studying Abroad.

Do you dream of studying outside your country? A lot of people really want to study abroad. Studying abroad might be a good choice or a bad choice depending on some factors. So here in this article, we are considering 10 important things you should consider before studying abroad.

10 Things You Must Consider Before Studying Abroad.

10 Things You Must Consider Before Studying Abroad.

10 Things You Must Consider Before Studying Abroad.


Below are 10 things I believe you should consider before choosing to study abroad.

1.     Why do you want to study abroad?

What are your valid reasons for choosing to study outside your home country? If you don’t have a candid reason, I believe it will be a wiser option to change your mind lest you encounter endless sufferings in a strange land. There are numerous candid reasons that should make one decide to study abroad.

Below are some reasons that should make one decide to study in a foreign land.

  • Poor learning infrastructure in one’s home country
  • High cost of attending higher institution in ones’ home country
  • The course that you want to study is not offered in any institution in your country
  • If you have relations in the country and you which to relocate and join them
  • If it has always been your dream to study in the outside your country

The above are some reasons that might prompt a person to make a decision to study abroad.

2.     Your Finances

Do you hope to sponsor yourself or you are on scholarship? Your finances is a major point for consideration why deciding to study outside. How well have you planned? Will your budget carry you through for the number of years you will stay there? Are you ready to do jobs to see you through? These are very importance questions that you should ask yourself. Your pocket determines your comfort for how long you decide to stay.

3.     Your zeal and Determination

How determined are you to make it through to study abroad? Is the idea of studying abroad a thought that just flash your mind? Or it is a burning desire that you wish to see fulfilled. If you are not zealous or desirous enough, you will definitely still find yourself where you are. Remember that some countries will require you to pass TOEFL and SAT before you are eligible to study in any university as a foreign student. This might fail this exam at the first sitting and maybe even the second but it is your zeal and determination that will give you the strength to continue pursing your dream of studying abroad at that point.

4.     Scholarships Aids and Grant

Are you a special student going on scholarship, aid or grant? In case you are not very financially buoyant and you still want to study abroad, are they scholarships available for the school and particular course you want to study? Please do consider these things as they will help guarantee that your dreams become realities.

5.     Environment and Climate

It will be a disaster to travel to a place without knowing a little about there. Russia for instance is the coldest place in the world, if you are allergic to cold and you maybe travel to Moscow to study, without knowing how cold the place is and you never prepared for it, you might be down with illness. Understanding the environment and climate of the respective countries of choice for studying abroad might be just save you from some real trouble.

6.     Foreigners and Visitors Treatment

What is the disposition of the people on foreigners? Are they friendly or hostile to foreigners? Many people have lost their lives while studying abroad due to racism and some other bigotry based actions. If you decide to attend school where the citizens are predisposed to racism and prejudice against a certain race then it will be will be wise to withdraw.

7.     Dish, Food and Cuisines

What kind of food do they eat there? Will you be able to adapt? If you are the kind that does not easily adapt, they might be a little problem somewhere. Change and adaptation is the key to survival. If you do not like their food and there is no market for the kinds of food produced in your place, then don’t go there. For instance, if you don’t like Chinese food, why go to china?

8.     Standard of Education

Maybe you have decided to study here for the sake of affordability, but you must also know of the standard of education there. Is it higher than the one obtainable in your place? If no, why waste your money. Just find a good institution in your country and get enrolled.

9.     Accommodation

Is accommodation affordable In your country of choice for studying abroad? Make sure to see the cheapest countries to live in and the countries in the highest cost of living in the world here.

10.  Language and Culture

What about the language and culture? Do they speak a language that your understand? If no, is the language such that you can easily learn and adapt to the culture. Will the culture of the place conflict with your faith? Will it tamper with your deeply convicted religious belief? Will you need to change faith in order to fit into the society? These are very vital and life essential questions you must address before making up your mind to travel abroad for study.


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In conclusion, studying abroad is not for everybody. If after going through the above ten points, you consider yourself fit to study abroad, then go ahead. But if you have a little hunch concerning studying outside, then it’s time you reconsider your steps. Good luck with any decision you make concerning studying abroad.

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