11 Facts About Naira Marley That Will Shock You (No 5 and 6 is very shocking)

11 Facts About Naira Marley That Will Shock You (No 5 is very shocking).

Following the arrest of Nigerian singer Azeez Fashola better known by his stage name Naira Marley. The dude has been trending on the social media.

11 Facts About Naira Marley That Will Shock You

The singer was recently arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC ) based in the charges of Marley being an Internet fraudster.

Studydriller has manage to compose some facts about the singer who has a dual citizenship a both British and Nigerian. See more facts below.

  1. After he was given birth to in Nigeria, he relocated to the United State at the age of 11.


  1. He has a dual citizenship as both Nigerian and British.


  1. He sang the biggest street hit in 2017 issa goal.


  1. He was initially an MC and a hype man. He said he was never interested in being a musician


  1. He was a number street ganster in a street in London


  1. Naira Marley Was A Wanted Criminal In The UK In 2014


  1. His hit single ‘Issa Goal’ was bought by coca-cola as the official song for the super eagles in 2018 World cup.


  1. On the 10th of may 2019, he was arrested by EFCC on the charges of being an internet fruadster popularly known as yahoo yahoo.


  1. Marley has been arrested 124 time before and he is still counting.


  1. He appeared in court on the 20th of may, 2019 and pleade not guilty to all charges and allegations.


  1. He is one of Zlatan closest friend though that might chage if he remaineds in prison for the next 7years or more.


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11 Facts About Naira Marley That Will Shock You


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