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13 unbelievable places you can get ideas and inspiration.

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13 unbelievable places you can get ideas and inspiration.

13 unbelievable places you can get ideas and inspiration.

As a blogger I constantly find myself with the dilemma of coming up with blog post ideas especially from my kind of audience-students and job seekers. These dynamic sets of people are always on the run, moving with the tide of the time so you have to catch up with them to get their attention.

Because of this my brain is constantly processing and scanning any environment for blog post ideas.

Some of the places I develop my ideas are very funny and I guess you will definitely agree with me.

Places of quietude and solitude can be great for meditation and calming down ones spirit.

So these places have one thing in common-quietude/solitude.

So these are the places I develop my ideas and inspiration, you can add yours at the end of the post.


Does this sound funny? Well I’ve gotten so many of my wonderful ideas here. Once you are there alone doing your thing, you can have uncountable thought flying in your mind, it’s left for you to filter and select the constructive ideas that can change the world and your life.

Bedroom (In the night when retiring)

For those that throw their head on the pillow and the next 5 mins they are already snoring, I wonder whether they were born in space. For some of us before we finally doze off we struggle for minutes and at times hours. For me this can always be a life defining moment as I set new goals and develop ideas that get me inspired.

The farm

Well this one is not for all. When I was with my dad and him still in active service as a sec school teacher, we visited the farm often. Each of us had our plots to look after. In the event of being alone in a large farm, the natural environment can generate thought that transforms into life defining ideas.

Grocery store (Shopping Mall)

Being alone in a section in a large shopping mall can provoke thoughts. Once again it’s left for you to sieve your thoughts before it’s gets out of control.


This bears similarity with generating ideas in the toilet (haha).


If you are opportune to find yourself in a church such as mine assuming you are a Christian, you will ever run out of ideas; an environment where you are not just nurtured spiritually but fed motivationally and with inspiration.


This bears similarities to getting ideas from the church.


If you stay under a wonderful lecturer-not the cursed ones, you will definitely become creative like my mentor Albert Einstein. Does that sound like exaggeration? Well let’s see.

These are the places I get a lot of my ideas from. I will update the list soon. Can you add yours let the fun continue?


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