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7 Key Strategies to Plan Your Life before Graduation

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7 Key Strategies to Plan Your Life before Graduation.

Ever heard the saying that failure to plan is planning to fail! This is very true. Do you hope to have a good life after grad? Then you must start now to plan your life. Why is it so vital to rightly arranged and plan your life before you graduate from school? Well, just know that after graduation you are on your own. Before graduation, everybody is looking out for your interest, but after graduation, you are expected to be a man or woman of your own. So here we have decided to list out some key strategies to plan your life before graduation.

Here are some important ways to plan your life before graduation.

1.     Understand Life Before Graduation.

Life before school, life during school and life after school are not the same. That is one thing you have to allow to stick into your brain.

It is of great importance that you know that you are expected to be a man or woman of your own once you have graduated.

But before graduation, you are expected to be look after both by family and relative. Before graduation, thing are easily given to you. What about life after graduation?

2.     Understand Life After Graduation

Wow! After grad, everything changes. It like the metamorphosis of a baby, while the baby is some months old and can neither work nor talk, the child be given everything but once the child comes of age, he is expected to do some things by himself and not everything done for.  The same is the case of life after graduation. I hope you get the analogy.

3.     Learn A Skill Before, During And After School.

That will be a total of three skills, assuming that you learnt a different skill each time. I never planned to study computer science in school, but after learning how to designed websites, I didn’t have any problem supplementing from mechanical engineering to computer science when post UTME did not favour me. Today I live off the skill I learnt-Designing websites and blogging. These skills you acquire might just be the saving grace you need.

4.      To Save Money

Saving money is very important. In fact saving money is a skill, a skill that requires a high level of discipline. If you save money, you will save yourself from some rainy days that are coming.  While as a student, before grad you can actually be saving 20% of your pocket money assuming you are not working part-time anywhere. If you do this consistently for four to five year, even you will be surprise by the results.

5.     Never Center All Your Hope On Certificates.

Graduating with first class is not bad, but if you are thinking of graduating with first class so that you can land the highest paying Job, sorry brother. It just might not work the way you the way you think. This is the more reason why you should have a skill. You will have to get yourself gainfully employed while waiting for a white collar job. You might even be doing so well with your business that you decide not to work for anybody again.

6.     Learn How To Use Computers Effectively

You will need certain computer skills to survive in this 21st century. You can even learn some programming languages and learn how to code. The world has gone so digital that lacking computer skills in this 21st century will make you look like an alien. There are great ICT entrepreneurs today who never studied computer science. Do you know that the founder of Twitter was not a computer science student? In fact he learned how to code on his own. He was never even a graduate. But look what he created for the world.

7. Start A Trade/Business With Your Skill.

Why let what you’ve learnt waste? It will be of utmost importance that you start a good trade/business with any skill which you have acquired before graduation. This will certainly give you daily bread. Do not wait to be employed before you can boast of personal money. As far as the 21st century is concerned, anybody who blames the government for his financial predicament is lazy. Get up and do something with your life.

List Of Skills You Can Learn And Make Money.

  • Bakery
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Hampering
  • Film production
  • Phone and Laptop Repairs
  • Tailoring
  • Blogging
  • Forex Trading
  • Crytocurrency Mining
  • Cosmetics business
  • Tailoring
  • Farming
  • Carpentry
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Software Development
  • Electronic Repairs
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Art and Craft
  • Solar panel repair etc

There are over a thousand skills you can learn and grow on. For a comprehensive list of skills and business you can learn and grow on see the article 50 business ideas you can learn in Nigeria.


With this kind of information, are you still going to blame the government if you are broke as a graduate? Get up and do something meaningful about your life.

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