Free online course-How to study on coursera online for free.

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Coursera free online courses |Here is a guide on how to apply for Coursera free online courses- How to apply for Coursera free online courses.


Go to the website, you be directed to the home page of the website, where a dialogue window requesting
1.       Your full name
2.       Your email address
3.       Your password
Submit your correct data and sign up.
After your data has been approved, you will be directed to choose a course of study. After you’ve chosen a field, you will have to choose a subcategory of your field. Let’s say you choose computer science. You will have to choose at least 3 sub categories like: graphic design, computer security, web development etc.
When you’ve chosen your sub category, click next. This will take you to a page where you can enrol in any of the numerous online schools offering your course.
Choose a school and enrol. When you enrol, you will be shown how much you need to pay in a month. If the plan suits your bank account, subscribe and finally complete your registration. There you are! Good to go.


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