How Nigerians Can Get Visa To Nicaragua: Nicaraguan Visa Guide

How Nigerians Can Get Visa To Nicaragua: Nicaraguan Visa Guide

How Nigerians Can Get Visa To NicaraguaEvery day, people are planning to travel out or into a country of their dream which they believe hold the realities to their dreams. Nicaragua is one of the countries which people will love to travel to. Before getting to the main issue of the article we will have to know a little about this country which you are interested in travelling to.

How Nigerians Can Get Visa To Nicaragua

How Nigerians Can Get Visa To Nicaragua

How Nigerians Can Get Visa To Nicaragua

Facts about Nicaragua

Located in Central America, Nicaragua has a central coastline on both the Caribbean Sea, in the east, and the North Pacific Ocean, in the west, and has Costa Rica to the southeast and Honduras to the northwest. The capital is Managua, Spanish is the Official Spoken language and the current use is the Nicaraguan Cordoba. Nicaragua remains the largest country in Central America and has the biggest freshwater body in Central America. Lago de Nicaragua (The Lake Nicaragua) or Cocibolca. It is known for it terrain of lakes, volcaneos, and beaches which are dramatically formed. it is hot in the lowlands, cooler in highlands and with occasional rainbow features.

Nicaragua Visa Application Requirements and Qualifications

Different countries often have different procedures and eligibility requirements for different types of visa applications (Study, Visit, Business or Work Visas). For instance, it is possible for you to be eligible for a Nicaragua Transit Visa while being refused a Study, Work or Business visa based on same present condition. Below, we summarized some of the eligibility requirements for a Ukraine Work Visa.

Here is a list of documents that may be required in applying for a business visa to Nicaragua.

  1. Visa application form completely filled and signed.
  2. Recent passport-sized photographs which capture the full face with a light background is required.
  3. International passport with a validity exceeding the expected return date, with at least two blank pages.
  4. Copy of the passports data sheet (page on which the photo is located).
  5. Copies of your previous visas (if any).
  6. A cover letter stating the purpose of visit to Nicaragua and itinerary.
  7. Flight Itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Nicaragua.
  8. Health Insurance. Proof of health insurance covering international travel.
  9. Hotel reservation for the duration of the intended stay in Nicaragua.
  10. A proof of your civil status (marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse if applicable).
  11. Proof of legal stay (if the application is not presented in the country of origin).
  12. Proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay in Nicaragua.
  13. If you will be receiving financial support from a host or other sponsor in Nicaragua, their bank statement would be required. Please provide a copy of that individual’s bank statement. Please note that the invitation letter from your host should specifically state the types of support they will be providing (financial, accommodations, etc.).
  14. Original Business letter, signed by the inviting company on the company letter paper, providing information about the travel purpose, specifying the type and desired validity of the visa.
  15. Proof of previous trade relations between the two companies, if any exists.
  16. Certificate of employment (if employed).
  17. If you are retired please submit proof of your retirement fund.
  18. A certificate from your employer stating/allowing your business travel (if employed).
  19. Trade register excerpt or the like (for self-employed).
  20. Bank statement for the last 3 months.
  21. Proof of group travel (if the travel is going to done in a group).
  22. Trade License (first issued and present renewal).
  23. Visa fees for visa

Nicaragua Visa Application Document: What Documents Do You Need To Apply For UK Visa from Nigeria

Here at Examstuts we believe there is a general rule that governs the documents required for a Visa application. Before you consider applying for a Nicaragua Work Visa (or any other Visa – in most cases), you will need to provide the following required information below.

The documents you typically need for a Nicaragua           Work Visa are:

  • Proof of Means of Financial Support Guide a. Your bank statements for the past four to six months
  • A bank draft in convertible currency
  • Pay stubs
  • An employment letter
  • Proof of assets or business
  • Tax reports, declarations or statements
  • A letter from the person or institution providing you with money


  • Passport Guide
    • The page that shows your birth date, country of origin, etc.; and
    • Any pages with stamps, visas or markings.


  • Proof of Financial Resource of Sponsor (if applicable) Guide
    • Sponsors bank statements for the past four to six months
    • A bank draft in convertible currency
    • Pay stubs
    • An employment letter
    • Proof of assets or business
    • Tax reports, declarations or statements
    • A letter from the person or institution providing you with money


  • Proof of Relationship (if applicable) Guide
    • Marriage certificate
    • Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union
    • A birth certificate (If your child is inviting you)
    • An official document naming you as a parent (If your child is inviting you)
    • A copy of the inside back cover of the inviter’s passport showing the inviter’s parents, if applicable


  • Purpose / Evidence of Travel Plan
    • Your flight ticket departing the country (return ticket – reservation only until visa has been issued),
    • Your travel itinerary (e.g. places you will visit or stay, such as hotel booking)
    • Proof of a medical appointment. (where applicable)
    • Proof of employment e. Proof of relationships


  • Family Information
    • Children details
    • A birth certificate
    • An official document naming you as a parent


  • Invitation Letter Guide
    • You must provide a letter of invitation from the person inviting you to the country. The letter must be written by the host and should have specific information about the host and invitee. If this is for work, you must provide an employment letter. If this is for medical, you must provide letter from the hospital and medical doctor. If this is for spouse or finance reunion, you must provide a letter as described.
    • The letter should state the purpose and length of the visit, the nature of the relationship between you and the host, the contact information of the host, etc.
    • If you are being invited to conduct business in the country, a letter of invitation should be printed on the company’s letterhead and include:
  • The host’s full name, title and business contact information
  • A brief summary of the reason for the invitation, including details of the business or trade to be undertaken
  • The full names of all employees from your company who are being invited by your host
  • The intended duration and a detailed itinerary of the visit
  • A statement specifying who will be responsible for all travel-related expenses


  • Travel History Guide
    • You must provide information on your valid visa from the United States/United Kingdom/Canada as well as previous travel history. This can include copies of
    • Your previous passports and/or visas (used within the last 10 years to travel outside your country)
    • Entry and exit stamps
    • Study and/or work permits that indicate your duration outside of your country (if applicable)
  • e Expired or valid visas
    • Boarding passes
    • If you hold a valid visa from the United States/United Kingdom, Canada or Europe, provide a clear, scanned copy of your visa. If you are living outside your country of citizenship, please submit a copy of your immigration status document for the country where you currently reside. This could be a work permit, study permit, visa, or any other document that authorizes you to be in the country where you are living.

Types Of Nicaragua Visa You Can Apply For

There are several visa types that are granted to Nigerians who seek to travel to Nicaragua and these depend on the purpose of travel. Below are a list of visa types available for approval at the Nicaragua embassy.

Depending on the intended purpose of visit, there are a couple of visa types available to intending travelers.

  1. Business visa
  2. Tourist visa
  3. Work visa
  4. Transit visa

Nicaragua Visa Application Fees

The Fees Varies depending on visa type.

Nicaragua Visa Application Centres In Nigeria

Embassy of Nicaragua in Abuja
Embassy of Nicaragua in Lagos

Top Reason Why Nicaragua Visa Applications Are Rejected

Most Visa Applications that I know of are often rejected. But why is this so? Below are the reasons why Most Visa applications are often rejected.

  • Submission of fraudulent documents.
  • If the applicant has previously been deported from the Nicaragua.
  • If the applicant has served a jail term of four years or more.
  • If the applicant is withholding information regarding previous crime convictions.
  • If it is noticed that the applicant lacks the necessary funds.
  • Submission of falsified documents on previous visits to the Nicaragua or overstaying previous visits.
  • If the applicant does not comply with the application requirements.
  • If the applicant is found wanting in any of the application documents.
  • If the reason tendered for the visit seems flimsy and not worthy of approval.

Things To Do If Your Nicaragua Visa Application is Rejected.

In the event of your Nicaragua visa application being rejected, what should you do?

The rejection letter will carry information on whether the rejection can be appealed or not. If no specific reason is stated, then the applicant will have to reapply.

Note that the appeal process is likely to take up to twelve weeks, beginning from the submission of the appeal to the hearing and final decision.

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