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How To Grow Your Website Authority In Three Months

How To Grow Your Website Authority In Three Months.

This article is based on an experiment I did quite back. I was able to create a new blog and rank it in Google first page in three months and grow the page and domain authority to 28 and 25 respectively. So in this article, I will be outlining shortly and precisely very simple strategies that will make you rank and grow your site’s authority in three months.

How To Grow Your Website Authority In Three Months

How To Grow Your Website Authority In Three Months

Is it possible?

I know that might be the question you are probably asking now. Is that a question? I just said I did it; it’s not about being in the game for too long, if you know what you are doing, you are allowed to overtake. Overtaking is allowed.

What I advice is simple, any point I mention here, just make head ways to your browser, type the term you wish to know more on into Google and begin your research. That way you will definitely grow more, learn more and become better.

So to grow your site’s authority not just in three months but faster, take the instructions below;

Invest In Content

“Content is King” That is the phrase I first heard when I started my Journey in IM. Those legendary words were coined by the legendary Bill Gates. And it has proven more truthful now since those words were first said over 20years ago.

Content is and will always remain king. The web is all about information. That is the essence of websites. The idea of the World Wide Web was developed on the basis of sharing and making information go round the world.

Having fresh and updated information on your website will make visitors take note of your website and hence bringing more direct visitors.

Google is constantly looking for more and fresher information. The website is already saturated with repeated information copied and edited everywhere. Google is a search engine and they exist to provide the best information for the readers. They want to answer the user’s query in the best possible way in the shortest time.

This is the reason they are constantly updating their algorithm, to bring the best content to the front. If you observe, lately they’ve introduce the rich snippet which Neil Patel term ranking No Zero. This brings the well organized content to the front. Check the image below to understand what I mean.

One thing you have to make sure is that you write on areas that you are very well versed in. Do not make the mistake of picking a topic that you know nothing next to. This will limit the level of your flow.

For example this topic comes very easily to me because I know a lot on it.

Google loves long form content, because it’s an indication that you are an expert or professional in it hence you have a lot to write necessitating the long article.

If I want to share all you have to known on content, then this article might reach 10000 words. It is not possible to share everything about content development on this article. There are a lot of blogs and blog post that you can learn all you need to know about developing of content. Copyblogger will be a great place to start.

To be honest, developing great and quality content is not easy, that is why I advised that you stick to areas you are an authority on. Yes! That is what Google want. They want authority because they are seeking for the most relevant answers to their user queries.

What if you want to diversify your content into an area you are less familiar with? That is very simple, you know what to do. Pay freelancers. That is where the phrase “blogging needs money comes in.”

It’s either you pay freelancers or you hire in-house content developers that will constantly produce you with quality articles to feed your readers.

Having established that having much long form quality content that answers questions is what will please Google therefore increasing your website’s authority, what is the next thing?

Build Quality Backlinks

If content is king, the backlinks must be queen. The place of backlinks in shooting your blog to the front cannot be overemphasized. You might have all the great content in this world, but if you do not have some high quality authoritative backlinks, your articles will be dead on your site.

This is where building backlinks comes in. By the way, I hope you know what backlinks are because by landing on this blog I want to believe that you already have a basic knowledge blogging. In case you want to know, backlinks are external links that links to your site form other websites.

How To Build Backlinks

It is natural to earn backlinks when you write a great content that people love to read and share. For example in 2017 I did a very interesting and well researched article on the Massai tribe, their food, lifestyle, why they do not farm and why they drink blood. The article was well shared and link to by more than 10 other blogs.

You can also earn links naturally as you site grows and people copy or reference your content. Apart from earning links naturally, you will definitely have to do some manual link building. How do you build links manually?

Guest Posting For Backlinks and Exposure

They are lots of bloggers who are looking for great content on their blogs and websites every day. Such do accept guest post from other bloggers either in exchange for a fee or for free. At the bottom of the article is your bio where your website link will be included.

When guest posting, make sure that your stick to blogs which are relevant to your niche. Aside from getting backlinks via guest posts, another great advantage is brand/website exposure. I make it a point of duty to visit the website of a guest post writer after reading the article especially if the article is good. This is a great way to drive traffic to your website and enhance your authority. People will start trusting you especially if your article appeared on a very authoritative site.

There are some rules meanwhile that you need to observe while writing guest post for submission.

  • The first thing you have to note is that it is not all website that accept guest post, so you have to do a good research on websites that accept guest post.
  • Make it a rule to do a pitch and send pitch to the potential website that you want to submit the article to. Never make the mistake of submitting your article without doing a pitch.

You can check how create a guest post pitch from the sample below.

Hello Oty

Thank for creating such a content loaded website on [Topic]. I have really benefited a lot reading your articles on [Topic]. However I discovered that you have not written an article on [] which I believe will be a great and informative read for your readers.

I have created a great article on the topic [] which I will love you to share with your readers. If you will love to share this article with your readers, please just shoot me an email and I will be glad to send the article to you. Thank you for your good response which I’m anxiously awaiting.

[Your Name]

  • Make sure to read the terms and the condition of the websites on submission of guest post before the actual submission.
  • Maintain excellence in your article. Do not scrapped content from other websites.

To know websites that accept blog commenting on your niche, use the search string: “Niche Site Url : Guest Post”

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is still a great way of building links to your site. Though most of the links will be no follow, blog commenting is still a great way to build links and drive some extra traffic to your blog.

While this method is often abuse, please stay away from this. Do not spam people’s website with irrelevant comment. If your comment is mark as spam, it is a very bad signal and omen for you.

Follow some set of rule as well for blog commenting use the search string: “Niche Site Url: Comments”.

Once you find a site, scan through the site, get what the article is all about, scroll down to the comment section, drop a meaningful comment and heck you are done.

Share your content in Forums

Find forums related to your niche and share your articles. You can also use the search strings that I recommended earlier but substitute for forum this time.

This was my favorite link building method when I started because it also drove massive traffic to my site. I could get up to 2000views on one post for an article I share on Nairaland.

Copy some paragraphs of your article on paste it on the forum and then link back to your website. But make sure to follow the rules of the forum.

Share Contents on social sharing and bookmarking sites.

There are so many social sharing sites that you can share your contents on.

Some social sharing sites include;

Submit your websites on website Directories.

There are many article directories websites that you can submit your website to. See some below.

See over 500 high authority web directories for submission.

Web 2.0 Submission

Submit your website to web 2.0 sites such as Wikipedia and tumblr. Check out this list of web 2.0 sites for blog submission.

Leverage expired domains

Expired domains are the most powerful link building strategies. You can leverage the power of expired domains in two ways.

  • 301 redirection and
  • Private blog Networks(PBN)

301 redirection is white hat if done properly and will ensure that 100% link juice of the redirected domain is pass on to the new website.

Private Blog Networks on the other and is a black hat strategy which Google pretty much hates and will tank your website if you are caught. I recommend focusing on 301 redirects.

Read this guide on Advanced Link Building strategies by Neil Patel. For more on backlinks, you can visit Brian dean’s website on Backlinko.com.

Do Aggressive On Page SEO.

Do not joke with on page SEO. There is on page SEO and there is off page SEO. Off page SEO is the one you do not have control over such as earning external back links.

On page SEO is quite simple.

The top on page SEO Techniques I recommend are quite simple.

  • Build internal links to all your pages. I recommend doing silo pages.
  • Use keywords in Titles, Meta descriptions, tags and Subheading.
  • Keep your keyword density under 2.5%
  • Use keyword in first paragraph
  • Let your second paragraph contain a brief summary of what your article is about.

Share All Your Content On Social Media.

Social media is getting bigger each year. A good social share is a huge Google ranking factor.

Having multiple social media account will not be a bad idea. Share you content all platforms.

Make sure that you have a good followership on social media. Interact very well with your followers; they will help you share your content.

Have a timetable for sharing of content.

Today might be for twitter, Tomorrow for Facebook, the day after tomorrow for LinkedIn. With this sharing strategy, you will be able to get your article spread across all social media platform. Share on Pinterest as well.

Do Proper Keyword Research before Writing Content

Proper keyword research will help you to create article that have commercial intents and huge readership.

There are many keyword research tools out there but I will only recommend a few that I’ve use.

Use the following

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trend
  • Ubersuggest
  • Ahref
  • SEMrush
  • Kewordtool.io

These are the few that I use. You can do personal research on your own.


Ranking your blog is not rocket science neither is it tough. With the tips I have given above, you can do it in three months. It requires hard work and sacrifice. Nothing good comes easy. Are you ready to pay the price for your success?

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My name is Oty Emmanuel. I’m a Problogger, internet entrepreneur and writer. I own several blogs including Studydriller, Recruitmentdrillers and Informationdrillers. You can reach me on Facebook or twitter.


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