How To Maximize Time And Become More Productive

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How To Maximize Time And Become More Productive.

How To Maximize Time And Become More Productive

If you had read my article on how to stay motivated you probably agree with me that time is the lowest denominator when it comes to productivity.

Managing or maximizing time is a skill which is indispensable if you want to achieve your set goals.

I wouldn’t say that I am a great time manager; in fact I’m go good at postponing my schedule activities.

My inability to keep to my plans at time has led me to the search on how to maximize my time and become more productive.

So what I’ve learnt about time management and productivity is what I will be sharing with you today.

These are the things I’ve been practicing and I’ve seen a significant progress so far.

So How Can You Maximize Time And Become More Productive?

So these are my top secret for time management and productivity;

  • Focus/concentration

Focus is the chief medicine of success. I once listen to a podcast where the speaker coined an acronym on success as Fixed On Course Until Success. If you can give what you are doing a 100% concentration, you will finish the task on time with maximum results.

  • Avoid fantasy/reverie

The ability to imagine is one of God’s greatest gift to man.  But this gift like every other gift from God has been abuse. Spending fifteen minutes daydreaming on pseudo-realities that will never materialize is the highest abuse of time. Kill all kinds of fantasy and reverie in your daily life if you want succeed.

  • Plan your day the night before you go to bed

Every night before retiring, sit on your reading table (if you want to lie on your bed, you can do it) and pick a notebook, try and plan your activities for the next day. Don’t start a new day haphazardly. Make sure your day is well planned.

  • Schedule your activities

When you are planning your daily activity, don’t just list the things you are interested in doing for the day make sure to schedule your activities. For example I wake up by 4:30 am every day and my day will look something like in order of importance:

  • Prayer/meditation-4.30 am-5.00
  • Exercise-5.00-6.00
  • Small house chores-6.00-7.00
  • Gathering ideas for my blog post-7.00-8.00
  • Developing my contents-8.00am-4.00pm
  • Rest 4.00pm-5.00pm
  • Sharing of my contents 5pm-6pm
  • Building links to my blog 6pm-9pm
  • Bible study 9pm-10pm
  • Self-improvement like reading motivational or study more on my business 10pm-11.30pm
  • Preparing for the next day and finally retiring for the day.-11.30pm-12midnight.


  • Work on goals not randomly


Have a clear set of goals you are working on. Never waste your time trying to allocate time to activities which are never part of an overall goal. For instance the schedule I’ve shown you above is part of an overall plan of building a top academic and career blog and becoming a successful and widely sort after life-improvement coach.

Finally be consistent with what you do. Life and success answers to the call of consistency. If you do this I believe you will start seeing an increase in productivity in whatever you do.

Do you have anything to share concerning this short piece? Please share it in the comment section with us. Thanks.


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