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How To Start Computer Training Centre In Nigeria

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How To Start a Computer Training Centre In Nigeria.

The past three decades has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the quest for computer skills in Nigeria, thus making computer training business one of the most-thriving businesses of the century in the country. Today, individuals and corporate entities have come to appreciate the computer more than ever before because it makes work faster, easier, neater, and almost error-free, hence, the increased and ever-increasing surge for computer skills.

How To Start Computer Training Centre In Nigeria

What does starting a computer training centre in Nigeria really entail? It entails getting a shop, setting it up with computer and computer accessories, doing adverts to get customers and training people on how to use computer. That’s Part One, but that’s not all. If was so easy to start a computer training centre in Nigeria, by merely saying it, you wouldn’t need a guide on how to do it; which is why you’re spending your precious time reading this.

So, what is this guide about? It’s about showing you all that computer training business in Nigeria is about, and not only how to start the business but how to sustain it and make millions out of it.

Let me now take you into the full study on computer training centres in Nigeria. Come, see with me below.

Steps To Starting A Computer Training Center In Nigeria

  1. Get the Skills

Three basic skills are very important in running a computer centre in Nigeria. They are:

  1. The technical skills (i.e., Computer Skills)
  2. Teaching Skills
  3. Management skills

The Technical Skills (i.e., Computer Skills)

It is impossible for you to teach what you do not know. You cannot run a computer training centre (except you only want to invest in it and hands-off) without the knowledge of how to use computers. In fact, you need more than the basic computer knowledge; you must be a master of the art, a pro, an expert in computer hardware and/or software packages. Most importantly, you must know how to use Word Packages, Utility software, Graphic packages, Analysis packages, Spreadsheet Packages, etc.

There is no way you can run a computer training centre without the knowledge of some or most of these packages. So, if you don’t have these skills already, all you need to do now is to go and learn them. You can do this by enrolling in a computer school, studying online, reading and practicing using books, sharpening your skills at computer seminars, etc.

Teaching Skills

Aside from the technical skills, you need to have teaching skills. Yes, there are people who know a thing but teaching someone else that same thing is a problem. If you have this challenge, you need to work on yourself by enrolling in some teaching lessons online or offline. In fact, the easiest way out is to start by teaching your friends, little children around you, your siblings, church members, neighbors, etc. You may do it for free, but you know what you are doing – you’re sharpening your skills! Having the requisite teaching skills is very important in computer training business. You need these teaching skills so as to effectively explain and practically demonstrate what you teach to your students.

Management skills

Lastly, you need to have good management skills. Yes, you’ll happen to be managing men and materials at the same time. So, you need to know how to go about that without any issues or loss to your business. You need to know how to relate with your customers, staff, students, clients, etc. All these you can get by enrolling in a business school nearest to you. An example is Uyo Business School, Lagos Business School, etc.

  1. Get The Startup Capital

How much you need to start computer training centre in Nigeria depends on many things and I’ve listed some of the most important ones below. Understand that these are just estimates and are subject to change, depending on your location and when you read this.

  1. Cost of renting a shop (including setup fees – painting, electrical, carpets, etc.): N300, 000.
  2. Cost of 10 Desktop/Laptop computers sets at N35,000 each: N350,000
  3. One 3-in-one deskjet printer: N15,000
  4. Electricity Generator Set (at least 2.5KW, SPG 3000): N80,000
  5. Computer desks for 10 students at N5, 000 each: N50, 000.
  6. 2 Ceiling/Standing Fans units at N10, 000 each: N20, 000.
  7. 1 Teachers’ salaries for 12 months at N15, 000 per month: N180, 000.
  8. Cost of software, and disposables (i.e., white board, marker, papers, textbooks, etc.): N80, 000.
  9. Miscellaneous: N30, 000

Estimated Grand Total: N1, 105, 000

  1. Rent A Shop or Business Premises

You need to rent a shop or a business premises for the business. This should be somewhere with high traffic density, probably somewhere close to a school, a residential area, offices, etc. Before you pick a business location, you must have first of all done a careful feasibility study of the area and decided upon it before going for it. If you’ve not done that, please, do that first.

  1. Buy Equipment and Tools

Computer training equipment and tools could be costly or cheap, depending on where you buy them from. If you don’t have money to buy new ones, then go for good fairly used ones popularly referred to as, “tokunbo”.

Whether tokumbo or new, you will need to buy the following tools and equipment for your computer training centre:

  1. Computer accessories and peripherals (i.e., printers, scanners, mouse, flash, etc.)
  2. Computer desks and Chairs
  3. Computers Systems (i.e., Laptop or Desktop computers)
  4. Software Packages (i.e., Word Packages, Utility packages, Graphics packages, Analysis packages, Spreadsheet Packages, etc.)
  5. Internet connection gadgets: modem, router, internet cables etc.
  6. Office Tables
  7. UPS
  8. Projector
  9. Whiteboard and Markers
  10. Books, Manuals, textbooks, workbooks
  11. Business cards: for advertisement and marketing

Where you don’t have the money to buy all of the above-listed items at a go, start by buying the ones that are necessary for the time being and scale up as more money comes.

  1. Employ Good Staffs

You need a few staffs, people who are good at computer packages, and are competent, and have years’ experience in the business to assist you run the centre. You may even need to retrain them to fit into the modus-operandi of your business. Aside from trainers, you could also get a secretary, an accountant, a cleaner, etc. This depends on the level of the business.

  1. Register The Business

You need to register your centre as a company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, CAC. There, you will officially get a business name, and a Certificate of Incorporation, and become legally certified to operate in Nigeria. It is also advisable to register with sister associations and bodies within this business line. Business registration is very important since you’ll be issuing certificates and diplomas. You need to get authorization from the government before you can do that.

  1. Design Study Curriculum, Syllabus, Study Manuals

Since you are running a school, it is important that you design a feasible curriculum that aligns with present-day realities in the computer skills acquisition world. Where you lack the wherewithal to do that yourself, hire someone to do it for you or alternatively, go online and get samples.

Another way to go about it is to request for copies from friends and colleagues who are also running computer training centres. Ensure that you and your teachers follow the contents of the curriculum, syllabus, and study manual meticulously. From time to time, review these materials to ensure that they still conform to what is obtainable in the industry.

Market and Get Student

The overall aim of a computer training centre is to make money from the teaching of computer skills. To achieve this, you need to create awareness, that is, sensitize people about the existence of the business and there are several ways to go about that.

You can give out handbills and/or flyers, you can use the radio and TV, you can paste posters around town, you can mount billboards, and you can also run social media ads. These are all effective strategies to get people to patronize your business from where you will make the money you want.

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