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26 Internet Business Ideas To Start Making Money Now!

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26 Internet Business Ideas To Start Making Money Now!… Making money on the internet has become very popular among the young population. Internet business has saved many people from the grasps of poverty.

It has turned many no-name young guys into celebrities. It has also given many an opportunity to affect others’ lives. When you think of blogging in Nigeria for example, the name Linda Ikeji and her wealth immediately come to mind.

In this era of incessant unemployment and underemployment, there is a need to find something to do which the reward can by far supersede the compensation of a government or company work.

I know you must be excited by know. How do you make money on the internet? There are a lot of things you can do to generate a lot of income on the internet. I have managed to bring these thirty to you so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.

So sit back, read and act on these things.

26 Internet Business Ideas To Start Making Money Now.

Let me list them and then go over each for a detailed explanation.

  1. Blogging

  2. Freelancing jobs

  3. Resale right programs

  4. Pay per sale programs

  5. Email marketing

  6. Bum marketing

  7. Copywriting

  8. Pay per lead programs

  9. Joint venture partnership

  10. Writing jobs

  11. Affiliate marketing system

  12. Selling of photos

  13. Life coaching

  14. Pay per post jobs

  15. Design jobs

  16. Work at home companies

  17. Selling online

  18. Websites that pay

  19. Vlogging

  20. Information product marketing

  21. Get paid for browsing the internet

  22. Apps that you can earn money from

  23. Web designing

  24. Web hosting

  25. E-commerce websites

  26. Lead generation business


Now, I’m going to pick each one and explain it in details as well as give you hints on how to start a business on them.

You must be feeling really excited now, aren’t you?

The best is yet to come, so keep on reading.

  • Blogging

Blogging is a fast lane business; it is one of the internet businesses that have the ability to make you millions if you can pay the price.

So many young people, especially in the third world have now realized these, there are no longer waiting for paid jobs.

With your laptop and an internet access, you can stay anywhere and work on your blog.

Blogging is all about creating contents that solve problem or fill a need.

You can turn your passion into a business by simply starting a blog about it. This way it will be easier for you to succeed since you are in your strength zone.

If you want to know more about blogging, get my E-book on how to make money blogging.

  • Freelancing job

You can also make money as a freelance. A freelance is a person who does not have a specific place of work but is free in the marketplace and can be hired by any company or individual.

Example of freelancing jobs you can do is writing on blogs, graphics design, web development etc.

As a freelancer, your time is under your control and you are not under any boss. You are your own boss.

A freelance can make as low as $5 to $1000 per job in a day.

  • Resale right programs

Some owners do offer resale rights on their products. It might be a piece of writing, a physical product or any intellectual product.

You should leverage on this and make money from it.

With the resale right, you sell the product as if it is your own.

You can be sleeping, while an alert is entering your phone. Doesn’t this sound good?

You can find these products with resale rights on the internet, just Google it.

Get the e-book list of resale right programs available on the internet.

  • Pay per sale programs

Pay per sale programs are programs in which you get paid per sales on an affiliate.

Get the E-book The ultimate guide to making money from pay per sales programs. Click here to get it

  •  Email marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience.

In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

  • Joint Venture Partnership

joint venture is a temporary partnership that two companies form to gain mutual benefits by sharing costs, risks, and rewards.

You can use a joint venture partnership to speed up the expansion of your business by gaining access to scarce skills or entry into new markets.

How to start a joint venture partnership: The ultimate guide.

  • Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of creating a compelling write-up that can generate visitors to a blog or generate leads.

Without a good copywriting skill, your blog is as good as a cemetery!

You can visit https://www.copyblogger.com/ 

  • Writing Jobs

Do you know that you can actually make as much as $1000 and even more every month from just writing one-two hours on the internet? If you never knew, please know it now!

Everyday websites and blogs pay people to WRITE FOR THEM

They pay, either because they don’t have the time to do it or they need a multi-various content from various experts.

Aside from being a blogger, I make money from writing.

I make as much as $1 to $100 per article. So if I deliver 5 articles for that day (depending on the quality and quantity) that means I’ve made $500 for that day.

Sound like magic?

The following are some websites that pay people to write;

  • Upworks

  • Listverse

  • Fiver

  • Toptenz

  • A list apart

  • International living

  • Funds for writer

  • Uxbooth

  • I writer

  • Matador network

  • The penny hoarder

  • Tutorialhub

  • Doncaza

  • Freelancer

  • Blogvertise

  • Rentave

Now I want you to take action. Click here to read and get the Free e-book How to make $1000 a day writing on the internet.

  • Pay per lead program

Pay per lead programs are programs in which you get paid or get a certain percentage when you generate a lead for a particular company.

There are many pays per lead programs which you can sign up and join on the internet and make money from it.

To get started it is advisable that you read this post and also get the e-book How to join a pay per lead program and make money from it.

  • Bum Marketing

What is bum marketing, have you heard about it before? Can you make money from it?

Go straight into your browser, enter the keyword What is bum marketing into your browser.

  • Affiliate marketing system

Wow! This is one of the ways by which you can make a very decent passive income.

Set up a niche blog and promote a product by being an affiliate.

You can otherwise set up an affiliate store for the sole purpose of promoting products.

I promote affiliate products from Jumia, Konga, Amazon and other e-commerce sites. But one thing about affiliate marketing just like blogging is that you need traffic and that not hard to get. I can teach you if you are willing to learn.

Get this E-book now! Guide to affiliate marketing Systems and how it works.

  • Selling of photos

I hope you got that right. Selling of photos I mean. Yes, you can actually sell your photos and make money from it.

I once snapped my apple laptop with a car key and some couple of dollars on it and put a price tagged of $2.5 on it, till today it is still generating money.

Read This: How to sell your photo on the internet and make money.

Life Coaching

What is life coaching? Life coaching is teaching people about life. Like the website lifeinfopedia teaches you about life and one of the things is financial freedom and how to make money online.

You can start a life coaching blog to be training people. It is a lucrative business. You can make up to a thousand dollars pay session of your webinars. It is a really cool business.

Read This: The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Life Coaching Career.

  • Pay Per Post Jobs

These are jobs you get paid for posting on the internet (blog). For example, I pay people to post on my blogs for me. It is a really simple job and it’s a cool way of making some side cash.

To get started, you can get The E-book Companies that offer pay per post jobs.

  • Design jobs

Hey there, are you a graphics designer and you are struggling to make ends meet. Don’t worry I will tell you what to do. I, first of all, made my money online through graphic design.

So you are listening to the right voice.

There are lots of good design website which you can make money from.

Such websites include 99design, Logocontest.com, sitepoint.com

You can also set up a Fiverr gig as a graphics designer.

Get this e-book now: How to start a design career on the internet.

  • Work at home companies

Do you know that there are companies that can employ you from your home? They are called work at home companies. You don’t need to lift your bag or your leg to leave your house; just sit in front of your laptop and your work has begun.

Work at home companies are very good for housewives and buy moms.

Some work at home companies include

  • Crowdsource

  • Demandstudios

  • Fastchart

  • Leapforce

  • liveopss

To aid you further, get the e-book; 50 work at home companies you can start working now.

  • Selling online

Do you know you can sell almost anything online?

With auction and e-commerce website such as E-Bay Amazon and Ali Baba, you can make a good daily and monthly income selling online.

To get started, sign up or open an account on the website. Take a good photo of the product you want to sell and upload it with the price tag.

With an E-commerce site like Amazon, do can do almost any kind of trading online, you can even self-publish a book and scale it to millions.

To get started check how the article on the list of all the e-commerce websites you can sell and buy from.

Some tips for selling online are

  • Set up your paypal account

  • Take good pictures of your products

  • Be honest with your buyer, if a product has a problem tell them so.

  • Finally do good business

  • Websites that pay

There are websites that pay people to proofread their post. Yes, there are actually such websites and blogs on the internet. Your job will only be to proofread and spot errors.

Just Google for such websites and blog you will find them.

Aside from this, there are also websites that pay you for offering services to their customers. Some include

  • Swagbucks
  • Inbox dollars
  • Project payday
  • Fiverr
  • IZEA
  • Vlogging

What is vlogging? Have you heard of it before? Vlogging is coined from the word vlog and vlog is coined from the word blog.

A vlog simply means video log. Vlogging is the latest form of blogging and there are not many involved in it so it still has a huge untapped potential of creating millionaire.

With vlogging, you simply set up a website where you upload videos for people to stream and download.

You can as well open an account and set up a YouTube channel with YouTube and upload videos. Set up your Google AdSense account, sit back and receive your monthly payment.

  • Information product marketing

Wow! Information product marketing is the new millionaires’ creator. What you are reading now is an information product.

You can actually make millions from one product.

Just follow these simple steps;

Find a need.

Look for a market

Scale your product to your market using an instrument such as Amazon or Email subscribers.

  • Get paid for browsing the internet

Ah! Hope you heard that well. You get paid for browsing the internet. Do these sounds too good? It’s actually true that you can get paid for browsing the internet.

I can exhaust this here. Click on this link to read the post. How To get paid for browsing the internet.

  • Apps that you can earn money from

There are App that you can generate money from when you use it. While you are busy wasting your time with some useless app, there is actually the possibility that you can make money from some apps.

Some App that you can earn money from include

  • Foap: App For Taking Photo

  • Book Scouter: App For Selling Books

  • Field agent: Doing Jobs

  • Cash A Laptop

  • Expensify

  • Web designing

You can actually scale your web design skill on the internet.

Designing a website or blog now is no more about coding. Yes, I said that. Let me repeat it. Designing a website is no more about coding.

With CMS such as WordPress, you can actually set up a website in less than one hours.

You can also download a template; do some editing and wamp! you are done in less than 30 mins.

It’s that simple. Yes, it is.

You can join a marketplace like Fiverr and scale your design skill. Making money on the internet now is no longer about being technically savvy.

  • Webhosting

Webhosting is the art of getting a place to store your website. Let say hosting a website is like parking into your new house.

You can actually buy a large server to start your web hosting business or become an affiliate with one.

Example of web hosting sites is Bluehost, Hostgator, one-and-one, domaining, whogohost etc.

  • E-commerce websites

With word press, you can actually set up any kind of website from a simple blog to a very complex e-commerce website.

If you love selling or you have a supermarket or large store and you actually hire a web developer to set up the website for you and customize it per your directions.

E-commerce sites need very large servers and hosting space.

If you need help on this, you can contact us.

  • Lead generation business

Wow, lead generation business is another bomb. Lead generation business is the kind of business in which leads (potential customers or interested persons) are introduced to a product or service from another company which is not yours with the hope of turning them to buyers.

Let me break it down a little more.

If you create a website that generates leads or connects interested buyers to a company that sells lands or houses; that is lead generation business.

If the company you are generating leads for pays you $5 per lead and you generate 10000 leads in a day. You can do the calculation for yourself.


What should you do with all this information?

Act immediately. Pick up your phone or laptop. Go straight to your browser. Type in any of the business ideas, study it well and begin immediately. If you have any issue you let me know through ottyemmy@gmail.com.

Please share.

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