Morocco Visa Application Guide for Nigerians: How to Apply For Morocco Visa

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Morocco Visa Application Guide for Nigerians: How to Apply For Morocco Visa

Every day, people are planning to travel out or into a country of their dream which they believe hold the realities to their dreams.

Morocco is one of the countries which people will love to travel to. Before getting to the main issue of the article we will have to know a little about this country which you are interested in traveling to.

Morocco Visa Application Guide for Nigerians

Facts about Morocco

Morocco is a rich northern African country located in the western part of northern Africa. Morocco is rich in language culture and beauty. Morocco is a special country as it is one of the three countries of the world with an Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline.  Essentially an Arab nation, Moroccans lives an Islamic kind of life. To enjoy your stay in this country, you will need to get their visa an that is why this article has been created.

Morocco Visa Application Requirements and Qualifications

Different countries often have different procedures and eligibility requirements for different types of visa applications (Study, Visit, Business or Work Visas). For instance, it is possible for you to be eligible for a Morocco Transit Visa while being refused a Study, Work or Business visa based on same present condition. Below, we summarized some of the eligibility requirements for a Morocco Work Visa.

  • Visa application form: to successfully apply for the Moroccan visa in Nigeria, you need a completely and accurately filled Moroccan visa application form. This can be obtained from the Moroccan consulate official website.
  • A valid international passport: valid for at least six (6) months beyond your intended duration of stay in Morocco. Also, the passport should have at least two blank pages.
  • Passport Photographs: In addition, you need passport photographs. Preferably coloured, on white background and 2 by 2 dimension.
  • A clear copy of your passport data page
  • A travel insurance document. This should cover at least ninety (90) days.
  • Computer generated travel itinerary to show your provisional airline bookings, the hotels you booked and addresses (physical and contact address including phone numbers for verification) as well as a detailed schedule of your activities during your stay in Morocco
  • Evidence of funds: usually you need to provide a proof of enough funds to cover your basic travel allowance and sustenance while you are in Morocco. This should be in form of a bank statement for at least six months.
  • You also need to provide a proof of hotel reservations in Morocco or a verifiable physical and contact address of where you intend to stay during your visit.
  • Confirmed return tickets or on-ward ticket
  • Additional Requirements for Moroccan visa.

Morocco Visa Application Document: What Documents Do You Need To Apply For Morocco Visa from Nigeria

Here at Examstuts we believe there is a general rule that governs the documents required for a Visa application. Before you consider applying for a Morocco Work Visa (or any other Visa – in most cases), you will need to provide the following required information below.

  1. Moroccan Business Visa
  2. Individual who intend to travel to obtain a Moroccan business visa are expected to provide the following documents;
  3. A letter or evidence of invitation from your Moroccan business associates or a Moroccan company with vital information. Such as important dates of your visit to Morocco( arrival and departure), your intended period of stay and the purpose of visit. Also, the letter should include the source of your finance and every other spending of the business which may be the responsibility of the Moroccan company.
  4. Business Cover Letter: In addition, the business visa applicants should provide a letter of introduction or business cover letter from his or her business organisation or company. This letter must be presented on an official letter head paper.
  5. Tax Return Certificate: There is also the need to provide a copy of the visa applicant’s Tax return certificate or evidence.
  6. Finally, a clear copy of the applicant’s Company certificate of Incorporation. Importantly, this must be notarised and or endorsed by a recognised body or authority.
  7. Moroccan Visa Applicants on Invitation
  8. This category of people are those who have been invited by a third party to visit Morocco. Such individuals are expected to provide;
  9. A letter of evidence or invitation from a person living in Morocco that has invited you, or that you will be visiting or staying with in Morocco. This invitation letter should include the dates of your visit, the period of stay and the purpose of visit.
  10. Evidence of funds or the inviting persons financial ability to cover your living expenses while you are in Morocco.
  11. Proof of accommodation of such the inviting person. Especially if you will be staying with such person during your period of visit. This could be in form of his physical and contact address details.
  12. A copy of the inviting person’s international passport data page, or National identity card. You can also provide a copy of the persons Moroccan residence card to show an evidence that he or she resides in Morocco.
  13. You are also expected to provide a tax clearance certificate.
  14. Important Note : Visa applicants who are travelling solely for tourism purposes are not expected to provide a letter of invitation to complete their visa application.

Types Of Morocco Visa You Can Apply For

There are several visa types that are granted to Nigerians who seek to travel to Morocco and these depend on the purpose of travel. Below are a list of visa types available for approval at the Morocco embassy.

  1. The Moroccan Tourist Visa: the tourist visa is issued to individuals who intend to travel to Morocco for recreation, vacation, to visit relatives, family or friends or simply for tourism purpose. This type of visa is usually a single entry visa and has a validity period of ninety (90) days
  2. The Moroccan Student visa: this type of visa is for those who wish to travel to Morocco to study. The study visa is typically a temporary visa and is issued on the condition that the applicant already has sustained an admission in a institution in Morocco. To successfully apply for a Moroccan student visa, you are expected to provide a proof of admission into an institution of study in Morocco as well as an evidence of adequate funds to support you throughout your study period.
  3. The Moroccan Business Visa: This is the type of visa issued to individuals who wish to travel to Morocco for the purpose of carrying out business or commercial activities, attending conferences, seminars or lectures. These could be scientific, professional, business or even educational conferences. The Moroccan Business visa is also issued to those who intend to travel to Morocco to work with their business or company representatives in Morocco. The validity period of Moroccan business visa is usually ninety(90) days.
  4. The Moroccan Transit Visa: this class of visa is available to individuals passing through Morocco into another country. It is called a transit visa as the holders are only passing through on the way to another country. Transit visas are valid for a period of three days (72 hours).

Morocco Visa Application Process

  • First visit the Moroccan consulate website and download the visa application form. Visit the Moroccan consulate website at this address
  • Note: Ensure that you include all details required in the visa application form. Also sign where and as appropriate. As irregular or inconsistent signature as well as incomplete record may jeopardise your visa application process.


  • Gather all required documents. Ensure you take note of additional documents if you belong to any of the special categories ( business visa or applicants travelling on invitation ).
  • Next, pay your visa processing fees. You are expected to do this at the Moroccan embassy located in Abuja.
  • Visit the Moroccan embassy with all your documents arranged neatly in an office file.
  • You may be require to do a biometric processing at the embassy. Ensure you enquire about this and carry out as appropriate.
  • Submit your complete and accurate documents.
  • Wait to be notified of your visa when it is ready.

Morocco Visa Application Centres In Nigeria

  • Address:                                                          Phone Numbers:
  • Number 5,                                                       +234 987 4667
  • Mary Slessor Street,                                       +234 987 4669 7
  • Off Udo Udoma Crescent,                             Opening Hours:
  • Asokoro, Abuja.                                               09.00 am- 16.00 ( Mondays – Friday)

Morocco Visa Process Time: How Long Does It Take To Get Your Visa

Usually Moroccan visas are issued for a duration of stay of ninety (90) days An maximum of double entry. However, if a Moroccan visa holder intends to stay for more than the stated duration, such individual must apply for a visa extension.

A visa extension application should be submitted to the Moroccan Immigration authority (Direction General de la Surete Nationale DGSN)

The Moroccan visa takes at least seven ( 7) business days to be completely processed. However, this may vary depending on the situation surrounding individual application.

Important Notice

Applicants who are below the age of eighteen ( 18) are expected to provide the following

  • A copy of parents or legal guardians identity card or data page of passport.
  • Also, they should provide a letter of consent or authorisation . This should indicate parental consent or legal guardians authorisation of travel . Such letter or document must be duly notarised .
  • A copy of parents or legal guardian’s passports
  • A copy of their birth certificate.

Top Reason Why Morocco Visa Applications Are Rejected

Most Visa Applications that I know of are often rejected. But why is this so? Below are the reasons why Most Visa applications are often rejected.

  • Submission of fraudulent documents.
  • If the applicant has previously been deported from the United Kingdom.
  • If the applicant has served a jail term of four years or more.
  • If the applicant is withholding information regarding previous crime convictions.
  • If it is noticed that the applicant lacks the necessary funds.
  • Submission of falsified documents on previous visits to the United Kingdom or overstaying previous visits.
  • If the applicant does not comply with the application requirements.
  • If the applicant is found wanting in any of the application documents.
  • If the reason tendered for the visit seems flimsy and not worthy of approval.


Things To Do If Your Morocco Visa Application is Rejected.

In the event of your Morocco visa application being rejected, what should you do?

The rejection letter will carry information on whether the rejection can be appealed or not. If no specific reason is stated, then the applicant will have to reapply.

Note that the appeal process is likely to take up to twelve weeks, beginning from the submission of the appeal to the hearing and final decision.

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