NWAG Scholarships for Female Undergraduate Nigerian Students 2019/2020 | Apply Now!

NWAG Scholarships for Female Undergraduate Nigerian Students 2019/2020 | Apply Now!

NWAG Scholarships 2019…Nigerian Women Association of Georgia, NWAG Scholarships for Female Undergraduate Nigerian Students 2019/2020, How to Apply for NWAG Scholarships; See more details below.

NWAG Scholarships for Female Undergraduate Nigerian Students 2019/2020

NWAG Scholarships 2018

Every year, the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) awards scholarships to female Nigerian undergraduate students in Nigerian universities in the NWAG Nigeria Scholarships.

These NWAG scholarships are offered one per state of origin as well as one for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), in the amount of fifty thousand Naira per applicant.

The Nigerian Women Association of Georgia has once again announced the take-off of the 2017 edition of its scholarship award — 2019/2020 NWAG Nigeria Scholarships. All eligible female applicants from Nigeria are invited to submit an application.

NWAG scholarships Eligibility

  • All applicants must be Nigerian females.
  • All applicants must be undergraduate students of a recognized Nigerian University.

Eligible groups
Citizens of Nigeria

Participating Institutions
Any recognized Nigerian University / Institution of higher learning

Fields of study
All courses offered by the participating institution / school

Number of awards
Thirty-seven (37) scholarships – one per state of origin as well as one for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)

Sponsorship duration
Awards are one-time scholarships

Scholarship benefits
The value of the awards is fifty thousand Naira (N50000.00) given to each successful applicant

NWAG scholarships Method of Application

Note: Application process is free! Do not send money to anyone nor include money in your application.

To apply to this scholarship, you should download, print out, complete and submit the ‘NWAG Application Form’ under 2019 NWAG Scholarships In Nigeria as found on the official website (link to it is below). This completed form should be submitted together with the materials and documents specified below under Requirements.

NWAG scholarships Requirements:

An applicant must be a Nigerian female undergraduate student in a Nigerian University. All applications must include the following:

  • Proof of State of Origin – Letter of Origination from the university or a letter from your local government office.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation from any two of the following: Church Pastor/Mosque Imam, Village Head, Local Government Chairperson or one of your Lecturers.
  • One Letter of Recommendation from either the Dean of your Faculty/School or your Head of Department.
  • Photocopy of your current university student identification card
  • A current photograph of yourself
  • An explanation of why you need and should receive the scholarship (not more than one-half typed page).
  • A type-written, double –spaced, two-page essay on:
    “In light of the incessant clashes between Fulani herdsmen and various communities in Nigeria, how do you suggest that the federal government addresses the causes of these conflicts?”All application entries must be typewritten and double-spaced.


“Women are marginalized in leadership positions in Nigeria. Position yourself as a woman activist and propose how you can advocate for women rights in government positions, challenge early/child marriage and gender discrimination”
“How has the current inflation and its resultant high cost of living in Nigeria, affected the quality of education in Nigeria?”
“What is the one system in Nigeria, such as educational, political, health care, financial…, that you feel if changed would have the most beneficial impact on Nigerians, and why?”
“What are the effects of the frequent Nigerian teachers’ strikes on student academic performance and learning?”
“How could we improve the health system in Nigeria especially for women, youth and children?”
“The education of our youth is compromised by frequent strikes and school closings. If you were the first female president of Nigeria, how would you handle things differently from President Jonathan or all the past


  • Completed applications may be submitted to NWAG either by regular mail to:
    O. Box 14542,
    Atlanta, GA 30324, USA
    OR, electronically via email at[email protected].

    It is important to visit the official website (link to it is below) for complete information.Important Notice:
    Late applications will not be accepted. Applications may not be faxed or hand-delivered.
  • Incomplete applications or applications that show evidence of plagiarism will be disqualified.
  • All incomplete applications will be rejected.ALL ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS MUST BE IN PDF OR WORD FORMAT.NWAG is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization funded by generous donations from sponsors and partners who appreciate the associations’ Special Projects.

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