Seven Reasons Why You Might Be Failing In School: How I Finally Succeeded In School.

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Seven Reasons Why You Might Be Failing In School: How I Finally Succeeded In School.
What are the reasons for failing in school? Why do people fail in school despite a real hardworking effort they’ve put in?  Today, I have decided to create a short but helpful post on why you might be failing in school despite your efforts. Mind you, this post is not a guarantee that you will sort all your academic problems out. But it sure will go on a long way in reducing your academic stress.
Reasons Why You Might Be Failing In School

Reasons Why You Might Be Failing In School

This post is more of the story of my life. The causes of academic failure here that I’ve written down are actually what cause my academic failures. After sitting down one night to generalize my situation, I was able to come out with the problems, the next step was to find a way to tackle them.

My story


I entered a particular school in a particular department. I was excited like every other newbie in school. I was excited to go to classes and events in school. Then came the first semester exams. The very first result released was a science practical, it was released before the exams were over. I went with my friend to check the notice board. I checked my colleague’s results first. Then I moved down slowly to my own. I clean my eyes to see whether it was true…there it was staring at me a very big and mighty F. I went back home dejected and depressed. When school resumed, results were posted, I was hit with another F in a 4 credit load course. The best result I had was a B in a 1 credit load course, the rests were D’s and C’s.


That semester past, I was still using the same old methods and expecting different results. The next semester, things got WORSE. This time around, they added 2 extra. I cried my eyes out and I began developing the inferiority complex. I started seeing myself as a below intelligent guy.
The first semester 2nd year came, I put in some more serious efforts around the exams time. Soon the exams were over. The results were released, I received two more. This time I became a little bit used to it.
The next semester, I knew I had a lot to do, four carryover courses and 24 credit load courses for the semester. As usual, I didn’t change my methods and I received my second worst result in my academic life, I failed two of the carryover courses again and was added with two extra.
Soon I started believing there is something spiritually wrong with me. I didn’t give up. I put in more effort in my first semester 3rdyear. When the results were released, I weakened to my knees with four F’s. I became tired. I now had an extra semester.
The last straw that broke the camel’s back came after my 3rdyear-second-semester exams. I PASSED ONLY ONE COURSE. I concluded it was enough. I now had two extra years in school, it was time to drop. I eventually did. After sitting back at home and contemplating, I decided every fault was from me, so I switch department and started somewhere else. In my new department, I started doing well. I had B’s and A’s.
So I sat down again and compare what I did in my new department with what I did in my previous department. I found out that I was doing exactly the opposite of what I did in my previous department.

Below are the things that made me failed in school


1.   Indifference. 

Not bordered about anything. Cold and unemotional. They will close registration soon, you seem not to be bothered. Look here passing an exam is not all about reading, have you heard me?
How this can affect you in exams: if you are indifferent to issue, you might fail to register for a course on time. You end up being sent out of the exams room because you are not with your permit card. Tell me what will happen? You fail the exams.

2.  Unserious. 

I don’t know how to describe this. If you don’t do things on time, those things might pass you by. Please take everything that concerns you as a matter of life and death.
How can this affect you in exams: Have you ever encounter an unserious driver? You rightly know what will happen if you are driven by that kind of driver. If you are an unserious fellow, it will not disturb you if you miss classes and that counts a lot!

3.       Unfocused.

You cannot romance between pleasure and pain. Pleasure is an evidence robber. Socials are good, but it must never be a priority. If a house is your problem, get a house and stay or make friend with a good person and squat with him or her. Stop jumping from one house to the other, it reduces your attention capacity.
How this can affect you in exams: Consider going for a departmental night or a date a night before an important exam. How will you combine the stress of the activity with exams the next day? Don’t deceive yourself! There is nothing like multitasking. Your brain cannot carry more than one thing! Be wise son!

4.       Careless.

Being a careless fellow can actually cost you a lot of life not just in school. You are not organized, you don’t put things in order and if ever you do, the rest of the time you abandon it as you like.
How this can affect you in exams: if you are careless and unorganized, you might forget important things you need for an exam or a class. Going back a second time to pick it can keep disorganized throughout the exams.

5.       Disorganized and unorganized.


You can never be comfortable staying in a messy room except you are a pig. I don’t understand how you hope to pass exams when you are not focused and organized. Being organized does not mean reading all night. Being organized means being orderly. You know you need to draw a diagram with a ruler and you leave home without one, you know you need to use a calculator and you don’t get one, you expect to ask around in the exams hall. Get organized friend! So many times, the devil get blamed for what he did not do. We keep making the old man Look more powerful than he his!
How Can This Affect You In Exams: I think I have already dealt with this question? If you are not orderly, no matter how intelligent you are, you will always have academic challenges. Just like me, I fail to make use of my super intelligent brain!  My intelligence was wasted. Make sure you get things you need for class and exams together before time. By this, you will be able to get organized gradually.

6.       Procrastination. 

The lecturer says the final date of submission is today and you are just starting! Procrastination is a thief of time. How do you understand that? Wealth, success, is measured in terms of time. A wasted time is a wasted opportunity. Why procrastinate? Why postpone? At the end of the day, you will still do the same thing but with much more stress. By procrastinating, you are not being wise, you are actually being foolish. Wise people don’t procrastinate. If you procrastinate reading your books, you have yourself to blame. I did just exactly that and I had my self to blame.
How this can affect you in exams: Do I need to say more? Procrastination is rightly the thief of time as I said. Keep your books until exams time before you read it. Your results will tell the story. In fact, one of the killer tips I mention in a post I wrote earlier: 10 killer tips to pass any exams, is read your notes every day.

7.   Indecision.

Indecision is the armed robber of time if procrastination is the thief of it. An indecisive fellow is a casualty. You know you should be in the class, you have a class and you are still in the bed! You are still ruminating in your mind whether to go or not. My friend get up and make a decision. You know your present relationship with that girl or guy is affecting your focus and you are still thinking whether to drop or go ahead. My friend break up now! Labour before pleasure! We only have business (get busy) not bleasure (Business Pleasure).
How this can affect you in Exams: Do I still need to tell you how this can affect you in School? You know for yourself. Choose what is right. I leave you with the worlds of Paul. “To him, that knoweth what is right and doeth it not, to him it is counteth for sin.” Do the right thing for yourself now.
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