Ten simple ways To keep yourself motivated

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Ten simple ways keep yourself motivated.

simple ways to keep yourself motivatedGetting motivated to work, to read and to act can be very hard. Some people are motivated internally, while others need some external stimuli to get motivated. There are ten simple ways which I used to keep myself motivated always to do the thing I want in life, I’m going to share these ways with you. After going through them, you will stay motivated always.

Ten simple ways keep yourself motivated.

Ten simple ways keep yourself motivated.


Simple ways To keep yourself motivated

  1. Read motivational books.

Get motivated with inspirational materials. There are lots and lots of them out there in the bookshops, you can get some and plunged yourself into them. You should read at least one motivational book every month.

  1. Associate with positive like-minded people.

Moving with the wrong people will move you in the wrong Way. Get to associate with like-minded people to sharpen your zeal to do more. Even in the church, you should select the people you associate with.

  1. Fall in love with nature.

I always seclude myself in a natural environment anytime I want to get deeply inspired. You too can try this, it works.

  1. Attend seminars.

Finding yourself in the midst of other people who want the same thing you want in life, will re-ignite your fire to press on and do more. When next you hear about an ongoing success, financial or motivational seminar in your area, try and attend it.

  1. Join a group.

Join a legally approved group, not a cult or occult group. If you are a Christian, you can find a bible believing motivational church and join.  There are so many profitable groups you should join which you can learn a lot from. From entrepreneurship to voluntary groups, there are there for free.

  1. Videos/Podcast

You need to watch lots of videos and listen to podcasts that will inspire you. Listen to speeches from great men and women such as Martin Luther King Jnr and Nelson Mandela. This will motivate you to do more and become more.

Travel is an aspect of education, a good traveler is a good learner and as such can be said to be well educated. Travelling widens your horizon and gets you to know what others are doing and as such can move you to do more or start altogether a new phase in your life.

  1. Pray and listen to sermons.

To me, life is more spiritual than physical, don’t know about you. I do virtually nothing without prayer. Prayers they say can move mountains. If you pray and have faith, you can feel a strong urge to go ahead and do what you want to do and that to me dis motivation.

  1. Live one day at a time.

There is a song that Christina lane sang which says one day at a time sweet JESUS.” Living one day at a time save you unnecessary stress and leaves you with more energy to stay motivated.

  1. Love yourself.

Love is the greatest energy release. Until you learn to love yourself, nobody will love you and if nobody loves you, you will fill hateful, despiteful and unworthy. There is no way you can ever be motivated in this way.

These are my top 10 way that I get motivated. Try applying them to your own life and see how things will turn around for you.

What do you think? Is there any other way of getting motivated which you know of? Share with us.

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