17 Reasons Why Students Fail In School

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17 Reasons Why Students Fail In School…Are you wondering why students fail in school? Are you struggling with your academics? Do you want to make something out of your academic life? If yes, don’t worry as you have landed in the right place. You will get to hear everything from the horse’s mouth.

Why Students Fail In School, How To Succeed In School, Reasons Why Students Fail In School, How To Succeed as a Student Anywhere In The World, See The Reasons Why Students Fail In School Below.

These reasons are coming from someone who struggled so much in school and discovered for himself the self-inflicted injury of failure.

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“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”

The above is a popular saying, but in reality nobody plans to fail. Nobody is happy with failure. Everybody wants to be successful.

It is the dream of every high school and college student to be successful with their academics but this is not always the case as most students don’t know the secrets to academic success.

This article has been published to help students sort out the cause of their academic issues.

After going through the causes and possible reasons for failure in school, I will look at what you should do to overcome these things.

We believe that after going through this article, we believe that you will appreciate our effort to help you stand firmly in your academic life.

The Seveteen Reasons Why Students Fail In School

These are the possible reasons why you might be failing in schools at a quick glance.

  1. Poor/Lack Of Preparation
  2. Poor Time Management
  3. Too Many Distraction And Lack Of Focus
  4. Lazy Mentality/Dependency Of Thoughts
  5. Lack Of Perseverance
  6. Over Confidence/Low Self-Esteem
  7. Sense Of Entitlement’
  8. The Fear Of Failure
  9. Procrastination
  10. Lack Of Critical Thinking Ability
  11. Failure To Complete Tasks On Time
  12. Lack Of Desire or Interest
  13. Choosing The Wrong Course
  14. Poor Foundation
  15. Poor Study Habits
  16. Life and Socioeconomic Issues
  17. A failed Educational System

These are most of the things that makes students to quit school. I’ve written this article based on my personal experience with some confirmation from experts on the internet.

Let’s now have a little explanation on each of these factors.

·         Poor/Lack Of Preparation

Like iterated earlier, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Preparation is the key to success. There is no two ways about it. This age of instant gratification and easy life has led many teenager and youth to lose the virtue of patience which is an important ingredient of preparation. To succeed start preparing early.

·         Poor Time Management

“Time is money” Time is truly money, but I doubt the number of young people who understand the value of time this day. In this age ICT where everything is gotten at the click of a button, people no longer value time again. The ability to manage your time as a student gives you the strength to manage the responsibilities which comes with being a student. Time management is a very critical skill which you must develop as a student.

·         Too Many Distraction And Lack Of Focus

Social media, eReaders, iPads, and smartphones: it is nearly impossible for a youth of this era not to be distracted with these things. With this kind of distraction comes lack of concentration and loss of focus. Once there is loss of focus, there is loss of vision and with loss of vision failure is inevitable

·         Lazy Mentality/Dependency Of Thoughts

Walking through life waiting on people to tell you what to do at every stage of your life will leave students on the sidelines of life. One of the biggest problems of this generation is the mindset of dependency. Having an independent mindset will set you up for success earlier than you imagine. Don’t go about life thinking that anybody owes you anything. No body owes you anything. Take a 100% responsibility of your life. You are responsible for your actions.

·         Lack Of Perseverance

Success and event life itself is a process and not and event. Nothing good just comes. If you want to set up yourself for success, you must be ready to persevere the pain which success including academic success brings. Remember nothing god comes easy.

·         Over Confidence/Low Self-Esteem

Having good self-esteem correlates with success later in life – chiefly because good grades and confidence can allow a teen to start out with scholarships and other opportunities. Self- Confidence and self-esteem make a youth bold to pursues his/her dreams. On the other hand, too much self-confidence can destroy you. It can destroy you because you will start being saucy and insulting without knowing. This kind of attitude will make you miss out on so many opportunities and will eventually lead to failure in the long run.

·         Sense Of Entitlement

Nobody owes you anything. You are responsible for your life like I said earlier. So often we see examples of youth who walk around feeling the world owe them something, nobody owes you anything for your information Taking this approach with their school work sets them up for failure because students don’t put forth the required effort needed to pass a class, win a game/competition or succeed. All hand must be put on desk by parents, religious leaders and school alike to stop this.

·         The Fear Of Failure

The fear of failure itself is the reason why most fail. Ok because you are not ood in math you believe you are going to fail the course. Have you tried spending some time on the course? Nothing is too hard for a willing mind. The key is resilience and learning from the failure, changing in the process and growing toward success. Youths must be taught that success is not built on success, success is built on failure!

·         Procrastination

“Procrastination is a thief of time.” Procrastination is indeed not just a thief but an arm robber of time. Why do you keep on postponing the important things you should do? Eventually they will pile up and look almost impossible to complete.

·         Lack Of Critical, Analytical and Creative, Thinking Ability

What is Critical, Analytical and Creative thinking? Companies are looking for people with these skills, but unfortunately this generation is being crippled by technological advancements and the lack of challenge. You know quite well that we live in a machine era. Our brains have become so lazy because we delegated to machine most jobs which were meant for our brain. Students must be challenged to analyze situations, problem solve, be creative, intuitive and think critically both inside and outside of school.

·         Failure To Complete Tasks On Time

This was one of my biggest problems in school. Students must be encourage to go through task and not to quit until it is done. For instance if you are trying to solve a math problem and it’s giving you headache, just relax and reason, then go back to it. If it’s still prove stubborn, take it to someone who knows better but never quit without giving a good try.

·         Lack Of Desire or Interest

Many students are underachievers; although capable of completing their school work, they lack the initiative or motivation to succeed. These are students that can do the work, are highly intelligent, but have decided that there are other things that are more important. I believe a reward system should be set up to motivate students to succeed. Sometime the lack of Desire or interest in academic success might be cause by factors such as distraction or emotional issues like relationships. These must be controlled in anyway.

·         Choosing The Wrong Course

This happened to me as well. If you pick a course you are not interested in ether because you were forced by your parents to study the course or you simply wanted to be in college, you will struggle all through your stay in that department. Your level of focus and concentration will be low. With a loss in focus failure is certain. So choose your course wisely.

·         Poor Foundation

The foundation you had while in high school will determined your performance in the university. Did you do advanced math in high school if you are planning to study and engineering course or maybe computer science/ math and statistics? You should go meet a council with your result slips to help you pick a good course that you can sail through so easily.

·         Poor Study Habits

Have you develop good study habits that can make you retain everything you’ve read? There is how you study without every retaining everything. For learning some proper study habits, see the 10 killer tips to pass any exams.

·         Life and Socioeconomic Issues

Life issues such as Life, Work, Career Issues and economic issues are certainly factors which can drastically affect a student academic performance in school.

·         A Failed Educational System

Faculty Instruction and Behavior, Facilities, Materials, and Delivery Systems contribute immensely toward the student’s academic performance. These are all under a failed educational system. People learn differently. Most students cannot learn well in an environment that is not conducive but if given a chance in an environment that is fixed with all necessary facilities, they will perform superlatively.

Conclusion On Why Students Fail In School

So what should you do? Here is a little piece of advice from examstuts.

  • Choose Your Course Wisely
  • Clear Your Doubt On Time
  • Have A Proper Study Plan
  • Do Not Panic
  • Always Crosscheck Your Work
  • Be Confident And Have A High Self-Esteem

Without expanding on the above, it is self-explanatory on itself. If you follow the above instructions you will certainly see a very big improvement in your academics.  I believe this article helped. Share your views in the comment section below.

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